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        Company ProfileCurrent Location :Home > Company Profile

        Shenzhen Form Electronics Co. Ltd is an innovative and creative technology company professional manufacturing Bluetooth Audio product and webkey, our company was established in 2011 and with area over 2000sqm. We are specialized at ODM and OEM services incl. products designing, mould developing, prototype manufacturing. Clean workshops together with the well-controlled process based on ISO9000 bring a good support to the product quality.

        Passed SMETA 4 Pillar(SEDEX 4P) & WCA Audit
        We care much about the social responsibility system, and we had passed the SMETA 4 Pillar(SEDEX 4P) audit, not only to meet the requirements from lots of high-end clients, but also a strategy of sustainable development of company.

        More than 100 models Speaker
        At FORM Electronics Co. Ltd., we have amassed a large variety of wireless speakers in order to make your sourcing process faster and simpler. Our catalog features over 100 models of ready speakers. Choose the products you need and we'll get your order underway immediately.

        ODM design in 7 days
        We provide customization services. Our team of 6 R&D staff with more than 8 years of experience can supply Unique remarkable products design solution in 7 days. And 10days of hand-made functional sample make your design come into being fast.

        Full Processes Quality control
        Base on ISO9000 system and 5S management, our staff of IQC, PQC, OQC full processes control the product quality from material to our production then before outgoing to guarantee reliable superior quality at our clients side.

        Monthly capacity 50,000 units
        Factory with area over 2,000 square meters and has 3 production lines provide us with monthly output 50,000 units, and fast delivery takes around 1-2 weeks for regular products and 3-4 weeks for new releases.

        Serving 30 oversea clients
        We have over 30 clients from Europe, USA, South America, Australia, East Asia, supply to some big brands eg. PSG,Le Robert, Biogaran, WH Smith, Microsoft, BMW etc, and build up excellent reputation all over the world.

        Fast response in 24 hours
        Sales team with 10 years of experience will provide you professional and quick response with a best solution to your offer in 24 hours. Trade Manager, QQ, Wechat on line always give you more approaches for immediate communications with us without waiting.

        Find our factory info. as below:
        Add.: 3F,4F Bldg E, JunFeng Industrial Park, Lezhujiao, Xixiang, Bao'an, Shenzhen, China, 518103
        Tel.: +86-755-84194036/84196007

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        Mob:15338707574 (Yuky) 15338707407 (Doris) 13902920187(Martin)